In the Time of Death

In Time of Death

A Catholic Funeral

A Catholic funeral offers worship, praise and thanksgiving to God, the creator of all life; it commends the deceased person to God’s merciful love; it affirms the bonds between the living and the dead in the communion of saints; it brings hope and consolation to the bereaved; it celebrates Christ’s Passover and our participation in it through Christian initiation. A Catholic funeral leaves mourners with reason to hope, not just memories of the deceased.

The easiest way to arrange a Catholic funeral is through your selected Funeral Director. Funeral Directors are experienced in the correct procedures and can make immediate contact with our priests.

Sacred Heart Columbarium

The Sacred Heart Cathedral is the location of the Sacred Heart Columbarium which provides an alternative option to burial or other places as a final resting place for a loved one.

More information can be found here or obtained by contacting the Parish Office.