Strength of the Holy Spirit

About Confirmation

Confirmation seals and continues what began in Baptism. In the name of the Church, and as its local leader, the Bishop (or his delegate) confirms in word, gesture and symbol, the Baptism of the believer and prays for this Christian person a further outpouring of the of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as (s)he is drawn more deeply into the Spirit-filled community called the Church.

From the time of the apostles, in fulfilment of Christ's will, the Church has imparted to the baptised, by the laying on of hands, the gift of the Spirit that continues the grace of Baptism. At the Sacrament of Confirmation, the candidates themselves acknowledge their belief in Christ. Through Confirmation a person receives the special strength of the Holy Spirit to live out this belief.

In St Benedict’s Parish, children are prepared to receive this Sacrament after being introduced to Reconciliation and before they receive Eucharist. This generally takes place in Grade 4 or later.

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