Complete Initiation

About Eucharist

Eucharist, which completes initiation, is central to our Christian journey. It is the sacrificial meal where our Christian faith is nourished and strengthened by listening to God’s Word and remembering what Jesus did when he took, blessed, broke and gave the bread and wine to his followers. As well as recommitting ourselves to live the joys and struggles of life with the mind and heart of Jesus Christ, we come to support all those who have made a like commitment, since the Eucharist is both the sign and source of our life together in Christ.

Eucharist is a Sacrament for Christians throughout their whole life. Once we are admitted to take part in the Eucharistic meal, we can and should continue to do so frequently, even daily if we wish. We are encouraged to participate fully in the Eucharist every time we attend.

The Eucharist is celebrated in each of our churches every weekend. During the week, the Eucharist is celebrated in at least one of our churches each day.

First Communion

The celebration of first Communion takes place at a Sunday Mass (or during a Saturday evening Vigil Mass). The first reception of Communion marks the culmination of the initiation of a person into our church community. Ideally, First Communion will be received within the Mass community the person usually attends.

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